Monday, November 2, 2015

Mostly in the Green (Correct Picks, not Money)

NFL Wrap-Up - November 1, 2015
Most teams have reached the halfway mark of their seasons. Most of my predictions were spot-on, but I won't be heading to Las Vegas or joining Fan Duel and any other sites of their ilk.
  1. Miami at New England – Thursday Night Football
  2. Detroit at Kansas City
  3. Tampa Bay at Atlanta
  4. Arizona at Cleveland
  5. San Francisco at St. Louis
  6. New York Giants at New Orleans
  7. Minnesota at Chicago
  8. San Diego at Baltimore
  9. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
  10. Tennessee at Houston
  11. New York Jets at Oakland
  12. Seattle at Dallas
  13. Green Bay at Denver - I normally don't pick against my General, but I wasn't sure. I am sorry I didn't change my prediction.
  14. Indianapolis at Carolina – Monday Night Football

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals who won the World Series last night. Next year, Mets. Next year.

Lady Grid out.

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