Sunday, November 15, 2015

Quite a Weekend!

How shall I say this? It's been a weekend of upsets for my picks. The pros really ate my lunch this week. I'm glad I'm not on Draft Kings or any other such ilk.

  1. All three grade levels of my Middle School Matchup for baseball are now out. Boo!
  2. My Plano East Panthers went to the playoffs but lost.
  3. Mama's Lincoln Tigers didn't make the playoffs.
  4. Daddy's Manual Arts Toilers were eliminated from the playoffs.
  5. Hubby's Memorial High Mustangs are moving on and will face Harlingen on Friday evening. Go Mustangs! This is one positive note.
  6. My Texas A&M Aggies won their game against Western Carolina but will face Vandy then LSU. Yowzah.
  7. I never thought the Detroit Lions would win again at Lambeau Field. They did after 24 years of waiting, wanting, and wishing.
  8. I picked the Cowboys to beat the Buccaneers. They lost because Dez Bryant "lost focus." Grrr!
  9. "Smiley" Jay Cutler and the Bears beat the favored St. Louis Rams. Sigh.
  10. Miami edged Philadelphia after Sam Bradford was injured (again) in the game. That guy catches absolutely no breaks.
  11. The Ravens were supposed to beat the Vikings. My boy Teddy Bridgewater had other plans.
  12. The Washington Redskins blew the New Orleans Saints out of the water with a 47-14 whooping.
  13. Would I ever think to see the General benched? ARGH! Peyton Manning was benched in that wretched game against the Kansas City Chiefs. I think Coach Kubiak's system is all wrong for Peyton. 
  14. New England was leading New York early in the fourth quarter. Will Belichick beat Coughlin in their chess match?
  15. The Arizona and Seatlle game will be a scream because you won't be able to hear over all of that racket in their stadium. Yergh. I think the Seahawks will win, but I want the Cardinals to prevail.
  16. I am picking the Cincinnati Bengals to also be 9-0 after their game against  the Houston Texans. You just never know.

Lady Grid out.

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