Monday, November 30, 2015

Pro Football Recap - November 29, 2015

Here's the skinny on my professional football predictions. Nope, still not headed for Vegas.

  1. Philadelphia at Detroit (Thanksgiving Game)
  2. Carolina at Dallas  (Thanksgiving Game)
  3. Chicago at Green Bay (Thanksgiving Game)
  4. Minnesota at Atlanta - Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson made it an exciting game!
  5. Buffalo at Kansas City- Time ran out for the Bills who like the Chiefs are now 5-5.
  6. St. Louis at Cincinnati- What a blowout!
  7. Oakland at Tennessee- That interception with seconds remaining killed Mariota's come-from-behind drive.
  8. Tampa Bay at Indianapolis- Despite a heroic effort by Jameis Winston, the "old man" Matt Hasselbeck really played well and led the team to victory.
  9. Miami at NY Jets- Chris Ivory!
  10. New Orleans at Houston- You know they're happy to have a winning record now.
  11. NY Giants at Washington- It was too little too late even with OBJ's second greatest catch (so far)!
  12. San Diego at Jacksonville - It was almost the other way with the Jags showing real heart.
  13. Arizona at San Francisco- The league needs to look at some of those calls and clarify which down is correct, etc. It was an officiating debacle.
  14. Pittsburgh at Seattle- Big Ben had a concussion. These are nothing to play around with.
  15. New England at Denver - I hope the Gronk's injury isn't too serious. I may not be a Pats fan, but there's something mischevous about that young man that tells me I'd have to keep an eye on him in the classroom.
  16. Baltimore at Cleveland (Monday Night Football Game)
Lady Grid out.

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