Friday, July 24, 2015

The Lady's Friday Forecast - MLB

How'd I do yesterday, you ask? Check it out for yourself. The ones marked in red mean I erred in my judgment. I have a seventy percent rate for yesterday. C'est la guerre.
  1. Baltimore at NY Yankees – NY even though Adam Jones will be awesome.
  2. Seattle at Detroit – Detroit continues their new winning tradition.
  3. Minnesota at LA Angels – Angels with the fantastic Mike Trout. Woot!
  4. Washington at Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, McCutchen will have a good day and ruin a play for Harper.
  5. LA Dodgers at NY Mets – Kershaw puts on a show, and the Dodgers win.
  6. KC at St. Louis – a World Series rerun? Cardinals in extra innings.
  7. BoSox at Houston – Houston wins again. Poor Boston.
  8. ChiSox at Cleveland – Cleveland will surprise them
  9. Milwaukee at Arizona – Diamondbacks, yawn.
  10. Miami at San Diego – Marlins will perk up and thrash the Padres.

Friday's Forecast - I went with a dozen today. Hope that's all right with you.
  1. Phillies at Cubs - Cubs
  2. Tigers at Red Sox - Red Sox
  3. White Sox at Indians - White Sox
  4. Orioles at Rays - Orioles
  5. Astros at Royals - Royals
  6. Yankees at Twins - Yankees
  7. Braves at Cardinals - Cardinals, I had to have a gimme.
  8. Reds at Rockies - Rockies
  9. Brewers at Diamondbacks - Brewers
  10. Rangers at Angels - Angels, unfortunately.
  11. Blue Jays at Mariners - Blue Jays
  12. Athletics at Giants – Bay Battle time! Giants.
Lady Grid out.

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