Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More MLB - July 22, 2015

How refreshing to know that I was wrong about some of my predictions yesterday. Others were spot on, so I have a 5-2 record for Tuesday.

  1. NY Yankees did win over Baltimore. I'm not rejoicing because Adam Jones is a personal favorite.
  2. NY Mets beat the Nats. Sorry, Bryce!
  3. Cubbies beat the Reds.
  4. KC did avenge their loss against the Pirates.
  5. St. Louis didn't exactly trounce the White Sox, but they still triumphed.
  6. Boston dropped another one against the Astros.
  7. The Rangers blanked the Rockies and made my evening!

Here is today's offering with no explanation, really. They're mostly in order of the game's start time.
  1. Dodgers vs. Braves – LA Dodgers
  2. NY Mets vs. Nats – Nats
  3. TB Rays vs. Phillies – TB
  4. Cleveland vs. Milwaukee - Cleveland
  5. Rangers vs. Rockies – Rangers
  6. Giants vs. Padres – Giants
  7. Mariners vs. Tigers – Tigers with C├ęspedes leading the way.
  8. Marlins vs. Diamondbacks - Marlins
  9. Twins vs. Angels – Angels
  10. Blue Jays vs. Athletics - Blue Jays
Lady Grid out.

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