Friday, March 6, 2015

Shame Shame Shame!

Imagine the shock that ran through my mind as I opened up my ESPN app this afternoon en route to my car after a great week at work with my students. The headlines screamed about Syracuse and the head coach Jim Boeheim and the suspensions and on and on.  I'm tossing the Yellow Flag of Shame at the program and the lack of integrity demonstrated.  

In other news, at the time of my writing, the Golden State Warriors were sounding beating my Dallas Mavericks.  Sigh. Unless a turn around happens in the next ten minutes of regulation play, put the win in the Warriors' column.

I'll chat more about the Citrus and Cactus leagues later.  The Rangers lost to the Giants. Ugh. The site is pretty cool when watching the Game Day feature.  

Lady Grid out.

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