Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trading Frenzy

The dust hasn't settled on all of the trades in the NFL, but by far Jimmy Graham heading to Seattle is definitely big news.  Best wishes and good luck to Patrick Willis, one of my favorite defensive players in the past few years.  I am not a 49ers fan, but I liked Willis' physical play with his "twin" NaVarro Bowman.  He will be missed.

What will happen with DeMarco Murray and the Dallas Cowboys? Will he wind up with an eagle insignia on his helmet? Say it isn't so! Keep him here if at all possible, Mr. Jones. Brandon Marshall is now a member of the NY Yets. What a mistake.

It was good to see the Orioles top the Yankees in the Grapefruit League today.  Sorry I called it the Citrus league in a previous post.  Yergh.  Coffee and rest helps typing skills.

We'll see how things pan out in the tournaments played today.  I'm actually going to pull for the Ospreys of University of North Florida.  After watching their freshman band "dancer" in action, it made me smile.  They probably won't make it out of the first round, but it's a nice human interest feature. Lady Grid out.

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