Saturday, March 14, 2015

Crazy Times Ahead

The Texas Rangers' ace Yu Darvish will have Tommy John surgery and miss the season. If they knew that he needed the surgery, why wasn't this planned last September instead of in the middle of spring training? I marvel at surgeries that occur right as a season begins. I cover my eyes and reach for a bag with eye holes. Oh, the shame! Now for some good news.  The Rangers have a 6-4 record for the moment after blanking the SF Giants in Cactus League play. C'mon, Derek Holland! Three more weeks until Opening Day.  Who on Earth decided that the Chicago Cubs, the oft-maligned and ridiculed ChiTown franchise, would host the St. Louis Cardinals on national television? Let the trouncing begin.

If all goes according to Coach Kelly's plans, we should play the song "Strange Magic" as his genius plan unfolds during the regular season.  Otherwise, he will have memes like this one generated with increasingly rude results.

Jaw-dropper moment:  Duke lost to Notre Dame, 74-64.  Can you believe it? Yes, of course, the Blue Devils will be in the NCAA Tournament, but the fact that they started out flatfooted gives naysayers a wee bit of hope. Selection Sunday is here tomorrow, and I will reveal my choices once I sit down and plot my strategy. Unfortunately, I sometimes flip a coin to decide who's going to be Cinderella at the big dance. Each year, one or more lower-seeded teams completely destroy my bracket.  I maintain at least two or three for both the men's and women's tournaments. Soon you'll see who I selected. Very soon. Lady Grid out.

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