Friday, March 20, 2015

Bracket Busters!

What do Baylor, Iowa State, SMU, Oklahoma State, and VCU have in common? They broke my brackets this weekend. At press time, I was awaiting the results of the Providence-Dayton game which is still playing past my bedtime. It wasn't looking good for the Friars.

In the NCAA Women’s Tournament, George Washington, Minnesota, Washington, and Northwestern are my deal breakers for the first day of action. I hope that tomorrow will give some better results. It’s all about bragging rights in my family anyway. Gig’em, Lady Aggies! Whoop!

Yes, other sports besides collegiate basketball are playing their seasons right now.

My Texas Rangers suffered a loss to the LA Dodgers in Cactus League play. Dodgers pitching ace Clayton Kershaw will have to pay a trip to the dentist after getting part of his tooth broken off. Ouch! The Rangers also managed a tie against the Seattle Mariners. Will wonders never cease? The Miami Marlins and the NY Yankees are tied for the lead in the Grapefruit League. Opening Day is a little over two weeks away. National pastime, here we come!

Dallas suffered a home loss against the visiting Grizzlies tonight. They are 24-12 at home.  Zach Randolph was the high scorer for the Grizzlies’ squad.  Dirk Nowitzki and Devis Harris each contributed 16 points for Dallas.   OKC won against the Hawks, and Kevin Durant’s expected return is not known due to his injuries this season. The defending champs beat the Celtics at the AT&T Center, extending their 26-8 home record. 

It's time to turn in for the night. Lady Grid out.

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