Sunday, July 3, 2016

First Sunday of July! Get the BBQ Started!

Sunday's Games

  1. Indians vs. Blue Jays
  2. Cubs vs. Mets
  3. Tigers vs. Rays
  4. Angels vs. Red Sox
  5. Reds vs. Nationals
  6. Royals vs. Phillies
  7. Rangers vs. Twins
  8. White Sox vs. Astros
  9. Brewers vs. Cardinals
  10. Pirates vs. Athletics
  11. Orioles vs. Mariners
  12. Rockies vs. Dodgers - Son selected this one.
  13. Giants vs. Diamondbacks - Son selected this one.
  14. Yankees vs. Padres 
  15. Marlins vs. Braves - Son selected this one.
Saturday Wrap-Up
Batting average of 0.467 since I neglected to pick two games, so I took them as losses in my tally. Tsk!
  1. Cleveland vs. Toronto
  2. Texas vs. Minnesota - what an embarrassing loss! 
  3. Milwaukee vs. St. Louis - oops! I forgot to pick.
  4. Miami vs. Atlanta
  5. ChiSox vs. Houston
  6. Detroit vs. Tampa Bay - forgot to pick this one, too. Yergh!
  7. Kansas City vs. Philadelphia
  8. LA Angels vs. BoSox
  9. Cincinnati vs. Washington
  10. ChiCubs vs. NY Mets
  11. Pittsburgh vs. Oakland
  12. Baltimore vs. Seattle
  13. Colorado vs. LA Dodgers
  14. NY Yankees vs. San Diego
  15. San Francisco vs. Arizona
Lady Grid out.

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