Thursday, June 2, 2016

Happy Birthday, Daddy! I Almost Moved to Stink City, Again.

A shoutout to my Daddy who celebrates a birthday today. He is the one who would have me call strikes and balls while watching baseball on the television with the sound off. Great times! Happy birthday, Daddy!

Thursday's Forecast - An odd assortment of eleven games today. Hmm.
  1. San Francisco at Atlanta
  2. Arizona at Houston
  3. LA Dodgers at ChiCubs
  4. Boston at Baltimore
  5. Milwaukee at Philadelphia
  6. Kansas City at Cleveland
  7. Pittsburgh at Miami
  8. NY Yankees at Detroit
  9. Tampa Bay at Minnesota
  10. Cincinnati at Colorado
  11. Seattle at San Diego
Wednesday Wrap-Up
Batting Average: 0.533
  1. White Sox at Mets
  2. Cardinals at Brewers
  3. Twins at Athletics
  4. Rangers at Indians
  5. Red Sox at Orioles
  6. Tigers at Angels
  7. Nationals at Phillies
  8. Yankees at Blue Jays
  9. Giants at Braves
  10. Pirates at Marlins
  11. Dodgers at Cubs
  12. Diamondbacks at Astros (I double-checked the location because they were in Arizona on Tuesday. The joys of modern travel.)
  13. Rays at Royals
  14. Reds at Rockies
  15. Mariners at Padres
Oh yeah, there's an NBA game on tonight. I may be too busy getting ready for my son's graduation and the last day of school to pay attention. Warriors take game one.

Lady Grid out.

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