Monday, June 6, 2016

D-Day 2016

Greetings and good morning. Thank you, D-Day beach landers for your heroism 72 years ago today. You turned the tide of World War II and guaranteed our freedoms of speech and religion, among other things. Thank you. Rest in peace, brave warriors who succumbed to wounds while storming Normandy, France.

On an NBA side note, I hope Cleveland has a plan to win at home because their performance out west is unsettling to the CavsNation.

MLB Monday

  1. Cubs at Phillies
  2. Angels at Yankees
  3. Royals at Orioles
  4. Mets at Pirates
  5. Blue Jays at Tigers
  6. Astros at Rangers
  7. Rays at Diamondbacks
  8. Indians at Mariners
  9. Rockies at Dodgers
  10. Braves at Padres

Lady Grid out.

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