Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Saturday in May


  1. Red Sox at Twins
  2. Blue Jays at Rays
  3. Indians at Royals
  4. White Sox at Orioles
  5. Nationals at Phillies
  6. Brewers at Pirates
  7. Cardinals at Braves
  8. Giants at Reds
  9. Marlins at Mets
  10. Yankees at Cubs
  11. Diamondbacks at Rockies
  12. Dodgers at Padres
  13. Tigers at Athletics
  14. Astros at Angels
  15. Rangers at Mariners


Cleveland is up 3-0. Yawn.
San Antonio is up 2-1. Hmm.

  • Golden State vs. Utah

Head Scratcher

Who charges $495 for a pair of athletic shoes that will wear out just like my $30 pair from Walmart?

Yellow Flag of Shame goes to Lonzo Ball's outspoken father, the Mouth. Just. Be. Quiet.

Lady Grid out.

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