Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday, Friday, Friday!

Friday, May 26, 2017
Why, yes, you will notice I pick against certain teams. Every. Single. Time. Unless they are playing each other. Then I just hold my nose and make a choice. Whoever is playing the Blue Jays, Pirates, Royals, Yankees usually has my vote of confidence. If they play one another, I have a problem.

  1. Tigers at White Sox (game one)
  2. Athletics at Yankees
  3. Padres at Nationals
  4. Reds at Phillies
  5. Mets at Pirates
  6. Rangers at Blue Jays - beat José Bautista and his ilk, please.
  7. Mariners at Red Sox
  8. Royals at Indians
  9. Angels at Marlins
  10. Diamondbacks at Brewers
  11. Rays at Twins
  12. Orioles at Astros
  13. Tigers at White Sox (game two)
  14. Cardinals at Rockies
  15. Cubs at Dodgers
  16. Braves at Giants

Hmm. It is just under a week to wait until we see the NBA Finals next Thursday. Yawn.

Lady Grid out.

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