Sunday, April 26, 2015

B-ball and Hoops

A Bit of Baseball

My Rangers are helpless before the LA Angels. Sigh. Today won’t be a good showing either.  Here’s hoping Tim Lincecum is in top form against the Colorado Rockies. I wish the Brewers would beat the Cardinals, but that probably won’t happen today. In the Subway Series, the teams have split 1-1. While I’d prefer the Mets win, I have a sneaking suspicion the Yankees will eke out a victory.


The Grumpy Old Men host the Clippers this afternoon; my husband and son will be glued to the telly.  I don’t see a way for Toronto to triumph against the Wizards this evening.  Broom City expands to include the Celtics playing against the Cavaliers and the Mavericks squaring off against the Rockets. I’ve never been a fan of the Boston Celtics, so that result will not result in any waterworks, but the Mavericks have broken my heart. C’est la guerre! 

Lady Grid out.

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