Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ah, Baseball!

I'm impressed with the KC Royals' 7-0 start of the season.  Let's see how things pan out. I just know that the Boston Red Sox Nation is unhappy to be atop the AL East with the Bronx Bombers trailing along behind. I like Big Papi and his swagger. He keeps me laughing, usually. Sorry, Yankees fans. With their win today, my Rangers are just one game behind the AL West leaders the Oakland As.  Let's catch 'em, boys!  What's up with Carter Capps' pitching and jumping off the mound? I can hardly wait to show my baseball players to get their reactions. 

This past Saturday found me watching the MLB channel with my Daddy. He used to make me watch the games with no sound to have me call strikes and balls. I often felt I knew better than the ump at the plate, but that's girlish bravado.  Lady Grid out.

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