Monday, June 26, 2017

Rangers Won the Rubber Match in the Bronx - Wahoo!


Don't forget to vote for your favorite MLB players for the All-Star game held in Miami this year. I will be watching to see if Giancarlo Stanton defends his crown. #LetsGoFish

Sunday Wrap-Up
Batting Average:0.444
  1. Rangers vs. Yankees
  2. Athletics vs. White Sox
  3. Blue Jays vs. Royals
  4. Mets vs. Giants
  5. Astros vs. Mariners
  6. Rockies vs. Dodgers
  7. Phillies vs. Diamondbacks
  8. Tigers vs. Padres
  9. Pirates vs. Cardinals
Monday's Games
  1. Philadelphia at Arizona
  2. Cincinnati at St. Louis
  3. ChiCubs at Washington
  4. Minnesota at Boston
  5. Texas at Cleveland
  6. NY Yankees at ChiSox
  7. Colorado at San Francisco
  8. LA Angels at LA Dodgers

Lady Grid out.

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