Thursday, June 29, 2017

MLB and Mama's Birthday

You know the rules. I won't pick a game already in progress, especially if it is late in the game for my Rangers against the Tribe. I want them to rally, but it's the bottom of the seventh inning, and they trail 5-0. Sigh.

  1. Oakland at Houston
  2. St. Louis at Arizona
  3. ChiCubs at Washington
  4. Minnesota at Boston
  5. Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh
  6. Baltimore at Toronto
  7. Milwaukee at Cincinnati
  8. NY Mets at Miami
  9. NY Yankees at ChiSox
  10. Atlanta at San Diego
  11. LA Dodgers at LA Angels

It's been different on First Take with John Salley and Will Cain moderated by Cassidy Hubarth this week. I enjoyed Mr. Salley's take on all things NBA with the trades and other news. Phil Jackson fired! Unbelievable! Chris Paul in Houston. Incredible!

Personal News: Today's my Mama's birthday! Happy, happy birthday, Mama! I love you!

Lady Grid out.

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