Saturday, April 1, 2017

Championship Time!

How about that? An all-SEC Women's National Championship tomorrow night. I have no dog in the race since I just knew the Huskies would roll on without a defeat. Now they know how it feels to lose a game and to play a tight game. It's a good lesson. Mississippi State and South Carolina face off, and I hope it's a good game. Congratulations in advance to the winner of the game.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs face off against my UNC Tarheels on Monday night. I've been a Tarheels fan for at least twenty-five years since my tenure as a young teacher in Abilene. I just liked them for some reason and took a strong dislike to Duke down Tobacco Road. Now I have one of my favorite underdogs facing my all-time favorite NCAA Men's team (aside from my beloved Texas A&M Aggies!). I want my Tarheels to redeem themselves from last year's heartbreaking buzzer beater against Villanova. Go Tarheels! Frank Isola of Around the Horn fame is the only panelist who picked UNC in the finals to win it.

Lady Grid out.

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