Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Terrific Tuesday?


  1. Astros at Indians
  2. Rays at Orioles
  3. Marlins at Phillies
  4. Cubs at Pirates
  5. Yankees at Red Sox
  6. Mariners at Tigers
  7. Braves at Mets
  8. Reds at Brewers
  9. Twins at Rangers
  10. Royals at White Sox
  11. Blue Jays at Cardinals
  12. National at Rockies
  13. Padres at Diamondbacks
  14. Athletcs at Angels
  15. Dodgers at Giants


Enough broom talk about the Cavaliers and Warriors. Here are the predictions for tonight's games, sports fans.
  • Thunder at Rockets
  • Grizzlies at Spurs
  • Jazz at Clippers
Lady Grid out.

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