Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year - It's 2016!

Happy New Year to you, sports fans! I’ve had fun making my at times horrendous decisions about who would win certain college bowl games. After missing out on picking the first four games results of bowl season (ugh!), I turned the choices over to my son on the ESPN Capital One Bowl Mania game, and he managed to get me to closer to fifty percent. The last game will be the clincher. Alabama versus Clemson. Be patient. I will reveal it closer to game time.

January 2, 2016  Results – (4-0, thanks, Son!)

  1. Penn State vs. Georgia
  2. Kansas State vs. Arkansas
  3. Oregon vs. TCU
  4. West Virginia vs. Arizona State

How about those TCU Horned Frogs? I was convinced my pick was wrong at halftime with the Frogs down 31-0. I was concerned because of suspended QB Trevone Boykin’s recent tangling with law enforcement. I should have never doubted the indomitable spirit of TCU on the gridiron field. Well done, Frogs. Well done.

A yellow flag of shame to Mr. Boykin for shameful behavior. I liked his charity with that little girl who was a diehard Iowa State fan until she met him. Please turn things around now, sir. Consider this a wake-up call.

NFL – Last Sunday for The Season and NFL Redzone (*sob*)
  1. NY Jets at Buffalo
  2. New England at Miami
  3. New Orleans at Atlanta
  4. Baltimore at Cincinnati
  5. Pittsburgh at Cleveland
  6. Jacksonville at Houston
  7. Tennessee at Indianapolis
  8. Washington at Dallas
  9. Philadelphia at NY Giants
  10. Detroit at Chicago
  11. Tampa Bay at Carolina
  12. Oakland at Kansas City
  13. San Diego at Denver
  14. Seattle at Arizona
  15. St. Louis at San Francisco
  16. Minnesota at Green Bay

The playoff implications are such a tangled mess that I won’t attempt to decipher the madness; however, I will post my bracket later this week once the dust clears.

Lady Grid out.

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