Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Like The Judge. Sigh.


Monday's Wrap Up
Batting Average: 0.615
  1. Nationals vs. Reds
  2. Blue Jays vs. Red Sox
  3. Rangers vs. Orioles
  4. Brewers vs. Pirates
  5. Cardinals vs. Mets
  6. Phillies vs. Marlins
  7. Cubs vs. Braves 
  8. Yankees vs. Twins
  9. Mariners vs. Astros
  10. Tigers vs. Royals
  11. Padres vs. Rockies
  12. Rays vs. Athletics
  13. Indians vs. Giants
  1. Texas at Baltimore
  2. Milwaukee at Pittsburgh
  3. Toronto at Boston
  4. Arizona at Cincinnati
  5. St. Louis at NY Mets
  6. Philadelphia at Miami
  7. ChiCubs at Atlanta
  8. NY Yankees at Minnesota
  9. LA Dodgers at ChiSox
  10. Seattle at Houston
  11. Detroit at Kansas City
  12. San Diego at Colorado
  13. Tampa Bay at Oakland
  14. Washington at LA Angels
  15. Cleveland at San Francisco
Can I say this and be forgiven? I have come to like Aaron Judge. He has won me over as a person. Don't lose your mind thinking I've become a Yankees fan. That's not happening, but this young man has peaked my interest and earned my respect. 

Lady Grid out.

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