Monday, April 4, 2016

Snow on Opening Day?

Down here we have been wearing shorts for the past two months, especially the young people who are invincible. Or so they think. Would you believe snow? In April? Snow. On to sports.

MLB Recap - April 4, 2016
  1. Houston at NY Yankees (Postponed)
  2. San Francisco at Milwaukee
  3. Minnesota at Baltimore
  4. Seattle at Texas
  5. Boston at Cleveland (Postponed)
  6. Washington at Atlanta
  7. Philadelphia at Cincinnati
  8. LA Dodgers at San Diego
  9. Toronto at Tampa Bay
  10. Colorado at Arizona - at press time the game had not ended.
  11. ChiCubs at LA Angels - at press time the game had not ended.
  12. ChiSox at Oakland - at press time the game had not ended.
Tuesday, April 5, 2016
  1. Astros at Yankees
  2. Red Sox at Indians
  3. Mets at Royals
  4. Cardinals at Pirates
  5. Tigers at Marlins
  6. Blue Jays at Rays
  7. Mariners at Rangers
  8. Giants at Brewers
  9. Rockies at D-backs
  10. Cubs at Angels
  11. White Sox at Athletics
  12. Dodgers at Padres
Congratulations to Villanova Wildcats on your NCAA Men's Basketball championship. I actually picked them to win in one of my three regular brackets on ESPN, so that's nice to know. I have been a UNC fan for over twenty years, so I am still hating the buzzer beater that goes against my team.
Lady Grid out.

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