Saturday, March 26, 2016

Oh Well!

Now that both the men's and women's basketball teams are out of the tournaments, I can watch a little more dispassionately. I created a Second Chance Tournament Bracket on ESPN, and none of them are perfect, but one is at the ninety-seven percentage mark. Woohoo!

Today we have the beginning of the Elite Eight. I am picking the following teams for today's games:

  1. Kansas over Villanova
  2. Oregon over Oklahoma

Tomorrow's picks are UNC over Notre Dame and UVA over Syracuse. The Orange wrecked my world by upsetting Gonzaga in my second chance bracket. Yergh.  C'est la vie. It's all for fun anyway, and no I am still not Vegas-bound!


For the women's tournament, I pick UCONN, Baylor, and Oregon State from my best bracket. I had throught BYU would be playing. Oops. If I have to pick between UCLA and Texas, I really prefer to push since neither team is a favorite. Okay, okay. Bruins edge the Lady Horns.

Lady Grid out.

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