Monday, February 2, 2015

Game Over

What a finish to the Super Bowl!

  1. A miracle catch by Jermaine Kearse for the Seahawks. At that point, I knew they'd won the game.
  2. A questionable play call that will be mulled over the next day or so until it's on to a new subject.
  3. A brawl and ejection in the last eighteen seconds of the game. 
  4. An unbelievable interception by Malcolm Butler in the "ta-da" nick of time.
  5. Gronk looks like the student I'd have on the front row to keep an eye on him; there's a sparkle in his eye that prompts such a feeling.
  6. I was nearly perfect in my bracket except for the Broncos-Colts game a few weeks back.  Woo-hoo! I'm still not headed to Vegas, baby!

Hoop Time

  1. UNC lost to Virginia? Yergh!
  2. Hawks winning streak dried up at nineteen. Not bad, grasshopper.
  3. The Mavericks outlasted the T-Wolves.
  4. The OKC Thunder now have a .500 record.
I am wishing Manziel well in his quest for some true stability in his life. I want him to be successful for himself after seeing others struggle off-field. Asking for help and following through is always a good thing. Lady Grid out.

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